Travel Agent Reels Reviews & Testimonials

Travel Agents Reels Reviews & Testimonials can be used to automate user generated content that's sent to your websites wall of love.
What if new video testimonial content was no longer a luxury, but an expectation? Imagine what you could do with 5-10 new reviews or testimonial videos from your clients on their vacations a month, every month. 

Collect Travel Customer Generated Videos 
Gather lots of user-generated video content that is sent to your dashboard for approval and then directly to your website. User Generated Content offer a unique perspective that can be used for website, social media and for professional edits.

Owned Content
Greater control and autonomy over a brand's messaging and content - with no ads, algorithms, or news feed filtering. Unlimited storage is provided as part of the service for your owned media as well. With UGC, all of your users can send their video reels and reviews to one centrally located platform. The biggest value of Travel Agent Reels & Reviews is its simplicity, offering you the ability to use your owned media of any channel. Simplifying website video posting is the best feature of our platform for small businesses!

Save Time with Technology 
Send video requests from SMS, email or business card QR code that simplifies the travelers video experience or review. No film crew, setup, or travel needed. Also, simplifies the management of video posting and removal with a single snippet of code ONCE that allows you to post or remove as often as you want to your website.

Legal Release Form Included For members to submit any video that is sent to your video library within chamber reels. They first must digital sign a legal release form, giving your business coverage to use the content at will in your marketing. Travel Agent Reels & Reviews offers you the freedom to use the video anywhere: website, social media, advertising, etc...(Built in Release Form)

Easy For Your Customers
Videos can be recorded right on their mobile device and upload to your dashboard - That's it No APP required. The video guides your customers through every step of the process.

Cheaper Than Professional Video 
Get a whole library of user-generated videos for the cost of one professional video. You don't need to be stuck with a large video marketing budget.  

We Collect the Videos, You Pick the Best Ones!

Simplify Video Reviews and Video Travel Experiences For Your Agency
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